Forever with you – Portrait & Jy Park

15 Th11
When I’m missing the days when we first crossed path. It was more than just
holding me back as you passed by. Everything comes to light.
Your fragrance in the air envelopes me girl.
I can’t express the way I feel but I know you were sent from above
Oh dear angel look back on all that we’ve shared.
There’s no point in wasting it now
Baby my feelings are so deep
I wish this goes beyond my wildest dreams just as long as there is a hope
For our love will keep shining above when you’re in my embrace,
I speak as one, when I kiss your lips
I still shiver some I’ll make all your dreams come true
Just say you’ll stay and you’ll never let go forever with you.

In good times we had laughs, sometimes shed of tears
When in fear you come running to me taking long walks at night and broad
The sensation of talks I will cherish
This is what people call true love the kind everyone wishes for
Ooh can’t you see all that a woman could want is right before your very eyes.
There’s love a world away a place I know called ecstasy.
Girl this is the place where we start just living a life in enchantment.


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